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​It opened my eyes a lot as to how fast things can happen and how fast you can get injured or killed even if you are armed.  Your class had a lot of information to process and I am still processing it.  It has already started the way I look at everyday things.
Coming from the Fire side of the public safety house, and having spent my career in Atlanta, police presence was almost always close by so violence towards a first responder wasn’t too much of a concern.  But that was back in the day.  Now with the way the world is, things have changed.  One of the things that concerned me when I took the fire chief’s job in Anchor Point was just how thin the law enforcement presence was up here.  I will often go on “routine” EMS calls not to get involved in the call but to just watch over my crews from the edges and have
their backs. 

~Anchor Point Fire and EMS 

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Point Blank Firearms and Self Defense Training

Active Shooter Response Training

Point Blank has mass shooting training courses that are designed to address the threat of an Active Shooter and other violent critical incidents at the workplace, on school grounds, college and university campuses, shopping malls, or churches.

Over half of all Active Shooter events in the US have been stopped by a citizen, or citizens. The reason for this is that many who carry out mass murder choose soft targets where there is likely to be little or no law enforcement presence.  The average Active Shooter event lasts between 2-5 minutes, and average law enforcement response varies greatly; the responsible citizen has every right to be trained to confront an active shooter situation as they are the likely the only line of defense between an armed threat and unarmed innocents and loved ones. 

Using extensive law enforcement response training and research into the last 50 years of Active Shooter events as a model, POINT BLANK has developed this course to provide the CCW community with a fundamental skill set that will enable them to act, if they choose, in the event of an active shooter and potentially stop the threat without waiting needless minutes for a law enforcement response.

Students will be placed in real-world scenarios requiring them to demonstrate best judgment in the confrontation with an active shooter, identifying themselves to responding law enforcement, controlling a compliant threat, emergency evacuation of wounded, prudence in confrontation and recognizing possible pre-attack signs. This course is physically and mentally demanding. Point Blank models their active shooter training from FBI and Homeland Security training.

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