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Barb Beckage

NRA Certified Instructor in Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun | TWAW Certified Instructor and Chapter Leader| Range Safety Officer

Barbara Beckage started shooing over thirty years ago.  She was brought up with a sound foundation of the importance for women to be able to be proficient in firearms use.  As a women she understood the hurdles female shooters would have finding proper instruction they needed.  She saw a need and she dedicated herself to providing such instruction.  She is now an NRA certified instructor, The Well Armed Women instructor, and has NRA Personal Protection in the Home.

Barb doesn't just start and stop at the range.  She brings her experience to the table each month as a Leader of the Well-Armed Woman’s Chapter in the Matanuska Valley.   The mission of the TWAW, to Educate, to Equip, to Empower fits with Barb like a good pair of shooting gloves.  She lives these out with each interaction she has with those who want to garner her experience.

Barbara prides herself in teaching likeminded women to safely handle firearms with confidence. She is committed to training women to protect themselves and their families.  She is one of the true diamonds in our community.