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Level I Firearms Course

This course is designed for those people wishing to continue their firearms training above the NRA Basic Pistol Course. 

This 1 day class picks up where the basic class left off, on the range. You'll learn the draw, malfunction clearing, one handed operation of your gun, both hands, including reloading and malfunction clearing. Proper reloads, shooting on the move, proper use of cover and precision shooting from distance. You'll also compete with fellow students to learn how to work under stress (for fun). By the end of this class you will have high confidence in your ability with your gun.

**You must have taken a basic course to sign up for this course**

Don't want to wait? Gather up all your friends, and with 12+ we will do a special class for you.

Topics covered in this class are:

Fundamentals of Shooting
Malfunction clearing
Reloading skills
One hand operations
Shooting on the move
Precision shooting
Combat shooting drills
Stress operation
Kneeling & prone shooting

This class is all practical application, on the range. Semi-automatic firearms only.

To reserve your seat in the class and to arrange payment please fill out our registration form.

**You must have taken a basic course to sign up for this course**

If you have any questions please contact Point Blank at 907-745-1133 or email

Below are a few things you will want to bring to this course:

Firearms class-our personal gun, a sturdy belt, hip holster (no shoulder holsters), eye protection/safety glasses, ear protection/plugs, closed toe shoes (no sandals or flip flops allowed for this class) and we suggest comfortable clothing. 
You must bring your ammo (100 rounds, you may bring more if you want to shoot after class), and 2 magazines.  
Other convenience  items you may want to bring:  camp chair/stool, sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, a ball cap, sunglasses, and snacks.

If you need or want to rent a gun for the class we recommend Edge Firearms: 

Course Calendar

We're working on setting up our next class schedule.  Check back soon for new course postings or contact us at:

Point Blank Firearms & Self Defense Training, LLC offers a 10% discount for all spouses or parents of Law Enforcement, Military or First Responders and groups of 5 or more for training classes!  Please call us at 907-745-1133 to receive a discount code.  Proof of eligibility is required.  Discount cannot be combined with other offers.

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