Point Blank Firearms and Self Defense Training

Point Blank's Shooting Simulator

Session Fees:

1 Hour Session (per person) - $65.00

Punch Card:

5 Session Punch Card - $285.00

Savings of $40.00!

Customized Non-Training Events

In addition too providing a premier training experience for civilians, law enforcement and military, Point Blank also provides fun events that are oriented around our core themes of personal, home, and workplace protection.  These events include:

~Corporate Team Building Events


~Law Enforcement Job Fair

Simulator Reservations

Interested in training on the simulator? Send us a request and we'll get you scheduled.

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Point Blank owns the only shooting simulator in Alaska that is available for civilian use.

POINT BLANK owns the only shooting simulator in the state of Alaska available to train civilians,
private corporations, government agencies, and law enforcement. This state-of- the-art shooting simulator is the closest thing you can get to reenact actual real-life conditions. It is the perfect training tool to sharpen your gun handling skills and challenge your decision making skills under stress. Our simulator will test participants by applying life-like scenarios ranging from home invasions, street robberies, traffic stops, active shooter, domestic calls, hostage situations and more.
In a single 60-minute training session our instructor will coach you through several of the hundreds of scenarios available. You will be provided valuable feedback and guidance to improve overall performance and decision making. Each session is specially tailored to the individual and the goals of that particular individual or business. Scenarios are selected based on a number of factors such as skill level, experience, practical knowledge of law, perceived biases or prejudice, personality type of the student, physical limitations, and the overall objective for the training. Participants have the ability to watch and critique their own actions while reviewing video footage and are encouraged to actively partake and engage in the learning process by asking questions.