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We are excited to announce our new online training program.  We are currently offering Active Shooter Courses for professionals but will be adding more courses very soon.  Please visit our online training page where you can register for available training courses.  Each training course will take approximately two hours to complete.  If you are unable to complete the training course in one sitting our program allows you to pick up right where you left off.  Upon completion of the final test with a passing grade of 75% or higher you will be issued a certificate of completion.  Our customized student dashboards will let you track your "in progress" classes as well as your completed courses and certifications.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

Point Blank Firearms & Self Defense was started to train individuals in gun safety and personal defense.  Throughout the years our company has grown but our passion and dedication has remained the same; empowerment, protection, preparation and survival during tragic man made situations such as Active Shooter Events, Robbery, Car Jacking’s, Assaults, etc..  We are committed to our clients to teach them new roles, strategies and tips to significantly increase their chance of survival in these situations.  Our goal is to change individuals mindsets from being a victim to taking charge of their situation and become a survivor.

Point Blank Firearms and Self Defense Training, LLC is an Alaskan owned and operated business.  Our instructors are certified across multiple oversight agencies.  Point Blank staff also travels throughout the United States teaching and attending speaking engagements within schools, churches, and healthcare industry, etc. throughout the year.

For more information about Point Blank Firearms Academy online training please visit our online training website at 
https://www.pointblankacademy.com/ or click on the blue button to the left.  

If you are looking for a specific course that is not in the catalog please contact us.  Point Blank will customize a course for your organization.  Contact us today for a quote. 



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