I’ve had the opportunity to work with Point Blank twice over the past twelve months.   I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my accuracy and have a greater level of confidence using my handgun.  I now have a greater understanding of their operation and safety features. Point Blanks Staff has a wealth of knowledge and are experts in their field. I highly recommend Point Blank for your gun training needs!!

Mark G, Oil Field Worker

Having just completed the Active Shooter Response Training with Donna Anthony, I have some thoughts that I’d like to share. I encourage each and every person who thinks they might use their firearm in self defense or who might find themselves in an active shooter situation to sign up and attend this rigorous (not just physical but mental) training.  How do I justify spending upwards of $500 for a two day training in responding to an active shooter? What are the chances that I would ever be in that situation? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on holsters, another gun, ammo, range practice? These are all questions that we have to ask ourselves and find a balance. However, there is no doubt that the training that 19 of our members and family members attended could potentially save our own lives and the lives of others. How much is that worth?

Pt. Blank Firearms and Self Defense Training opened our eyes! We absorbed information and practiced on Day 1. We ‘thought’ we had it! And when put into the scenarios on Day 2 - you would think we had not heard a single thing the prior day. Disrupt the OODA loop of the attacker? Yell your commands? Slicing the pie vs hugging the walls? How much information have you gathered and committed to memory in the 2-3 seconds that it takes for an attack to evolve? All of this came front and center into our training and we realized we had just scratched the surface.

Together, we will continue to discuss, to practice. We have some of the foundational skills of how to practice. It is now our responsibility to keep this going. This training is invaluable! Find a way to attend!

 From Debbie McDonald~Mississippi

We had Point Blank come to Mississippi for our annual TWAW Purple PowWow Event last April.  If you are looking for REAL WORLD training from PROFESSIONALS… Look No More!  PointBlank Firearms is an awesome training group.  They make reality training fun and informative!  Can’t wait to take another course from them!

 From Kim Condon- Mississippi

I don’t own firearms, but wanted to know how to use them, especially in the case of an emergency.  Specifically, I wanted to know the safety aspects of handguns so I could load, unload, and shoot one if I ever had to.  As an independent woman, I want to be self reliant…and know that I am confident in my ability to be safe around a firearm.  I believe a firearm is a tool that every woman should understand, even if it’s just to know how to unload a gun to make it safe.  I’ve found that some women are afraid of guns only because they were never exposed to them in a safe environment.  I was myself, until I trained with Point Blank.  Women owe it to themselves to get the facts and hands on experience with firearms. Their staffs calm, compassionate demeanor, and clear step by step instruction made me feel safe, and confident in my ability to handle a firearm.  You owe it to train with the best!

Susan R, Physical Therapist, single mom

It opened my eyes a lot as to how fast things can happen and how fast you can get injured or killed even if you are armed.  Your class had a lot of information to process and I am still processing it.  It has already started the way I look at everyday things. Coming from the Fire side of the public safety house, and having spent my career in Atlanta, police presence was almost always close by so violence towards a first responder wasn’t too much of a concern.  But that was back in the day.  Now with the way the world is, things have changed.  One of the things that concerned me when I took the fire chief’s job in Anchor Point was just how thin the law enforcement presence was up here.  I will often go on “routine” EMS calls not to get involved in the call but to just watch over my crews from the edges and have their backs.

Anchor Point Fire and EMS

We went as a group and learned so much from Christian and Donna. All our questions were answered, the lessons were detailed, and we had fun, too. Now I feel safe, informed, and ready to move forward with my license to carry.

Hannah B, Nurse

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